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The mission of the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC) is the establishment of excellence in the music teaching profession through high standards for membership, strong ethical values, and the continuation of musical education by its members to cultivate personal, professional, and artistic excellence. 

The Alameda County Branch of MTAC was founded in 1913.

Your Board wishes to draw your attention to the implication of the above mission statement, and encourages you to remain abreast of the latest ideas in the fields of knowledge that impact music teaching, including but not limited to: different styles/ periods of performance; individual patterns of learning; stages of childhood/adult development; and issues of physical and emotional wellness.

Our branch meetings offer one way of fulfilling these goals, and the Bay Area offers innumerable other resources.


ASCAP Branch Recital Program Submission :     Upload your recital programs 


Add any Branch Recital or Individual Recital Programs  from 9/1/19 to the present here:


This will allow living composers to get performance royalties from ASCAP.

Email Maria Mercado at with any questions.

Certificate of Merit Brach Honors Recital 
Host: Katharine Austin


April 13th, 2024

11;00 am - 6:00 pm

Lecture: "George Peter Tingley: My Journey as a Composer and My Compositions."
George Peter Tingley


April 22, 2024

10 am - 12 pm

At Steinway Piano Gallery

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