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Our Mission

The mission of the Music Teachers’ Association of California is the establishment of excellence in the music teaching profession through high standards for membership, strong ethical values, and the continuation of musical education by its members to cultivate personal, professional, and artistic excellence. 

Your Board wishes to draw your attention to the implication of the above mission statement, and encourages you to remain abreast of the latest ideas in the fields of knowledge that impact music teaching, including but not limited to: different styles/ periods of performance; individual patterns of learning; stages of childhood/adult development; and issues of physical and emotional wellness.


Our branch meetings offer one way of fulfilling these goals, and the Bay Area offers innumerable other resources. 

The Music Teachers’ Association of California is an organization founded and incorporated in 1897 under the laws of the State of California to promote the welfare of the music teacher, and to elevate the educational and teaching standards of its members. The exacting qualifications for membership in the association establish the member as a qualified and accredited teacher in the community, thus insuring a professional status. The code of ethics maintains a high standard of personal and professional conduct.

We, the members of the Music Teachers’ Association of California, having dedicated ourselves to the advancement of the standards in music education, shall:

• Maintain the highest moral standards and conduct towards colleagues, students and the community

• Participate in the activities of the Association

• Respect the dignity and work of our colleagues


• Develop and maintain a professional relationship between teachers and students


• Encourage, guide and develop students toward fulfillment of their musical potential

• Participate in and encourage students to be involved in community music

 Our Code of Ethics

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