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Formal Student Recitals

Recital Coordinator: Yvonne Donnelley


This year we will have six Formal Recitals.
The Formal Student Recitals are a showcase for the very best achievements of our students. They
provide an opportunity for serious students to share their musical accomplishments with an appreciative, supportive, and respectful audience. Only students very well prepared for a high-level public performance should be entered. We hope to provide a standard of musicianship high enough to inspire all who attend, audience and fellow performers alike. Students not thoroughly prepared, or wishing to try less polished pieces, should only apply to an Informal Recital.

Requirements for Formal Recitals

1. Solo repertoire must be confidently memorized; ensembles may use music.

2. Students must have studied with their current teacher for at least six months prior to Recital date.

3. Teachers of Recital participants must be Active, Cal-Plan, Contributory, or Provisional members of MTAC

Alameda County Branch, for at least one year, in good standing.

4. All teachers who submit student(s) to perform in a Formal Recital are required to host at least one Formal

Recital or Informal Recital within two (2) years.

5. Teachers must inform students’ parents what is expected from a Zoom Formal Recital audience: they

must be respectful at all times for the work Formal Recital students have done to make such wonderful

performances, and mute themselves appropriately, unmuting to generously applaud. In-person performance

expectations require respectful quiet attention during performances, with no moving around the room.

Generous applause is expected and appreciated. Parental recordings of their respective student must be

prepared prior to all performances, from the back of the room, so as not to disrupt anyone’s view and

appreciation of the performer.

6. Each studio is allowed a maximum playing time of twelve (12) minutes, with a maximum of four (4) entries

per Recital. Each entry can be a solo or ensemble.

7. Whether solo or ensemble, each entry may play multiple movements or pieces, as long as the total time of

all entries does not exceed the studio limit of 12 minutes.

8. Teachers are responsible for the accuracy of the information of their Recital pieces.

9. Incomplete entries will not be accepted for the Recital. For example, there are many “Minuet in G,”

sometimes by the same composer; please be sure to supply all the necessary information to correctly identify

the piece being performed, i.e., correct movement with tempo marking, suite or dance, and composition

numbers of BWV, Hoboken, L., S., or KV, etc.

10. Teachers should submit their written requests to the Host 10 days in advance. It should include all the

information on the Student Recital Entrance Form. For Zoom performances, the Google Link needs to be

sent with the Student Recital Entrance Form.

11. The Host will confirm receipt of the request within 48 hours.

12. The Host needs the time to prepare for the Zoom Recital. If Teachers do not hear back from the Host, they

should check the email address and resubmit, or contact the Host directly and leave a voicemail.


Click here to download Student Recital Entrance Form.


This year’s Formal Recitals are at 3:00pm unless noted otherwise as follows. Maps and directions may be found on Branch Events page. 



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