Certificate of Merit®

Goals of Certificate of Merit®

  • To provide a systematic and comprehensive plan to develop performance, technique, ear training and sight reading skills and understanding of music theory.

  • To provide practical goals to help students maintain a steady and focused appreciation of their musical studies.

  • To encourage students to strive for musical excellence.

  • To create opportunities in which students may share their music.

Branch Contacts:

Alameda Branch CM Chair

Connie Chen      conniechenpiano@gmail.com 

CM Co-Chairs:

Melissa Farley, mfarley33@gmail.com

Grace Yu, gracemyu@yahoo.com

Branch Honors Recital Chair:

Katharine Austin, austintone@comcast.net

Alameda Branch CM Guidelines, CM E-mail List and Updates:

This is a summary of the CM 2018-2019 Branch Guidelines. The full Guidelines have been e-mailed to the CM E-mail List. Be sure to review the Details and Reminder section. CM updates will be distributed through the CM E-mail List. This list contains all 2018 CM Teachers. E-mail the Branch Chair if you need a copy of the full CM 2018 Branch Guidelines or need to be added to the CM E-mail List. The list will be re-created every November from CM registrants. Indicate if you are not a regular CM participant and wish to be permanently added to the list.

MTAC/Certificate of Merit®   Website and Database

CM Registration, Evaluation Information and application for Branch and Convention recitals are all conducted online at the MTAC/Certificate of Merit® website and database.



Click the following link to go to:

CM Online Registration Login Page   From there, teachers can access the Teacher’s Homepage, Register students, enter Student Evaluation Information and apply for Branch Honors and Convention Recitals.


Teachers are responsible for following all CM Policies and are strongly encouraged to review the CM Policy, Branch Guidelines and all instructions.


REMAIN AT LEVEL Beginning with 2010 CM evaluations, students who receive RAL or fail the written Theory Test will not be allowed to proceed to the next level until they pass the same level.